Who We Are

We help investors grow their monthly cash flow through real estate investing.

Whether you’re retiring at 65, or trying to retire next year, investing in real estate is a proven method for attaining your cash flow goals, and should be a part of your investment portfolio. In fact, we believe it should be a big part. In our minds, smart real estate investing is the best investment you can make.

Our investors usually fall in two categories: Active investing and Passive investing, depending on things like appetite for risk, time, expertise and proximity to retirement.

Active investors own real estate. We assist them in finding properties, doing their due diligence during inspections, and working with the property manager to get it rented and cash flowing. We use our years of expertise in buying and selling properties to guide them through the process and keep them safe.

Passive investors don’t want to deal with properties or tenants, they just like the cash flow. They don’t have the time or desire to manage the million and one details that you need to deal with when buying properties and being a landlord. They invest their money in a real estate fund or REIT, and the fund does all the work and takes care of all of the headaches, and the fund gives them a nice return on their money. Investors love it.

Real Estate Cash Flow Investors LLC (RECFI) evolved as a business from two passionate real estate broker/investors that were looking for ways to find real estate investing opportunities outside their home market of Portland, OR. Working as both investors and broker/advisors to their local market clients, Jesse and Michael formed a partnership to build a business that would not only bring more value to their existing client base, but could reach investors in other cities and markets that are facing similar challenges and are looking for guidance too. 

RECFI opens the real estate investing door and helps to manage the process so you, the investor, can realize your goals and dreams faster than you thought were possible. What both Jesse and Michael have learned by doing real estate transactions from both a broker and investor perspective – is that one of the biggest challenges to overcome is to have a team of people in place you trust who can also deliver a real estate investment solution to your satisfaction and achieve the ROI you desire to accomplish your goals. Once the trusted team is in place and the years of experience have proven the results work, then the only thing left to decide is when and how much is needed to get started. 

“LIVE WHERE YOU LOVE AND INVEST WHERE IT MAKES SENSE” is a key foundation to our investment philosophy. We believe that by first choosing to live where you’re happiest, you will create more opportunities for a positive future. Happiness breeds success! 

Everyone’s “WHY” is a little different as to what it is that they want to accomplish in life, but most everyone’s “WHY NOT NOW” is what is holding them back from getting in the game. WHY NOT let our team’s experience at Real Estate Cash Flow Investors LLC assist your doubts, fears or time constraint around creating a Real Estate Investing Strategy so you can achieve your goals faster and pursue your “WHY” with confidence that you will hit your investment retirement goals.

If you’re interested in becoming a real estate investor, or growing your existing portfolio, we would love to chat with you and show you how we work, where we are currently buying properties, and if working with us would be a good fit for you. We’d love to help you define your goals and answer your questions – even if you don’t end up working with us.

Michael Wardwell

Michael is an Investment Professional with experience in Real Estate, Public and Private Equities, Investment Banking, Venture Capital and Start-ups.  He started advising clients in 1992 when he began a career at Dean Witter-Morgan Stanley as an investment advisor.  By the late 90’s Michael was raising investment capital for private ventures and eventually his own start-up, Speche Communications Inc. 

He is currently growing a national real estate investment business by building relationships and teams in locations outside of his home base of Portland, OR. This will help grow the investor base the business already has and expand and diversify opportunities to acquire additional rehab type homes, investment rentals properties, and future development projects for their business, investment partners, clients and bring value to the SBRE (Small Balance Real Estate) Fund they plan to launch in 2019.  Michael also stays active in the local Portland market by using his Real Estate license to advise local Oregon Real Estate Investors and property owners through their transactions.

Jesse Rivera

Jesse has been helping his clients find the right investment property for over seven years.  As an active investor himself, Jesse has a keen insight into what an investor’s needs in an investment property. His experience as a real estate agent and mortgage broker serves him well when looking at the investment property and its financials. Jesse takes great pride in doing right by his clients, and many of his clients have been with him for years and have purchase multiple properties with him.

Jesse graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. He has worked for Bill Gates Investments, as a high school math teacher in the Beaverton School District and as a Real Estate Broker and Broker/Owner for over ten years. Borrowing on his unique blend of experience, Jesse has served his clients well by emphasizing education, communication and treating them like family.